Help and manuals

You've decided to use AlterCPA Moe, our free CRM for CPA industry. That's great! We are going to tell you what our product can do and how to use it to the maximum benefit for your business.

AlterCPA Moe - free CRM for CPA industry

Quick overview

AlterCPA Moe is free. Nevertheless, it is a very good CRM system optimized to work in the CPA marketing. It is suitable for processing leads by a call center. It also helps with the automation of logistics and warehouse accounting. It is optimal for merchant traffic and for work with info-products. There are no limits on the number of leads and users.

Personnel and team management

AlterCPA Moe allows you to conduct all the work yourself. However, it is much more pleasant to add the entire friendly team of your company to CRM. You can grant access to your employees, divide them into teams with appointed leaders, distribute offers between teams and collect team statistics.

Offer management

Offers are the basis for working with AlterCPA Moe. They are used to receive leads, set prices and create goods. You should configure at least one offer in the right way, and this instruction will help you to do everything correctly and with maximum efficiency.

Logistics and delivery

AlterCPA provides ample opportunities for integration with logistics services. You can outsource the tasks of calculating prices, sending parcels, printing documents and tracking delivery to your operators. They just need to press a couple of buttons, the rest will be done by CRM.

Statistics and analytics

AlterCPA Moe includes not only CRM itself, but also a couple of useful tools for statistics and analytics of your orders.

Warehouse accounting

AlterCPA Moe allows you to process the warehouse accounting and analyze consumption and sales success in the context of goods. It offers classic operations for the arrival and correction of balances, automatic write-off of goods from confirmed orders and convenient journals for recording movement and statistics. All actions with the warehouse are performed from the "Warehouse" section, which is available only to company administrators. Ordinary employees do not see it regardless of the level of access.

Cost and net profit accounting

AlterCPA Moe includes a convenient tool for calculating the net profit for product traffic. It takes into account the income from purchased orders and the expense for sent orders. At the end of this instruction, the profit will definitely be found.

Call center automation

AutoCall is the call center automation tool for AlterCPA. It automatically dials the customer’s number and distributes calls between operators.

Working as an affiliate

It suddenly happened: you were invited as an affiliate to work with AlterCPA Moe. You have received a completely standard message from the merchant, and we are going to tell you what you should do with this message and how to understand it.

API manuals

We provide an API interface for working with the main functions of the system: adding orders, checking lead status and statistics. You should refer to the affiliate API manual to work with the traffic sources or affiliates. Company owners should refer to the marchant API manual.