Privacy policy

This document sets the privacy policy for two AlterCPA Moe resource groups:

If you are not satisfied with the privacy policy of AlterCPA Moe, you must refuse to use the service.

Useful information: you can define your privacy policy yourself if you deploy your own CPA network based on AlterCPA Pro. Your netrowk powered by AlterCPA Pro will contain all the features available in AlterCPA Moe.

External site policy

The external site does not contain any embedded elements or tools for collecting and processing your personal information. On the external site we use a third-party tool to track visits - Yandex.Metrika.


External site uses Yandex.Metrika visits counter in which the collection of any confidential information including user's IP address is disabled. To clarify the information, please refer to the terms of use of the Yandex.Metrika service, including the privacy policy.

CRM policy

This policy defines only the actions of AlterCPA Moe personnel. Each company that uses CRM must develop and apply its own corporate privacy policy for dealing with CRM that applies to it's customers and complies with the requirements of the laws of the countries in which they operate. Each company that uses CRM takes full responsibility for the implementation of the developed policy by its employees and counterparties.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used to authorize on the site under your username and password. We do not use them for any other purpose than to authorize and authenticate users. Cookies are not used to track user actions in CRM.

Data transfer to third parties

  1. We do not disclose the data of our users to third parties, with the exception of the transfer at the request of the government authorities of the Russian Federation only as it is established by the laws of the Russian Federation. If you are not satisfied with this item, refuse to use CRM and order your own CPA network on AlterCPA Pro.
  2. We do not transfer and do not sel your orders data to third parties for any reason other than that specified in paragraph 1. We do not use your orders data for analytics and research purposes. Our specialists cannot access your orders if you do not provide it directly by providing a link to enter your personal account.
  3. In order to protect against technical means of intercepting information, we use a secure data transmission channel with modern encryption protocols.

Work with personal data

A company operating CRM for its own purposes must develop its own corporate policy for handling personal data using CRM. This policy must take into account the peculiarities of the legislation of all countries whose citizens are employees of the company or are it's customers.

It is is prohibited to process personal data of citizens of the Russian Federation with the CRM, since the AlterCPA Moe server is located outside the Russian Federation.

Denial of responsibility

The staff and owners of AlterCPA Moe are not responsible for the actions of CRM users.

The staff and owners of AlterCPA Moe are not responsible for possible attacks on the server, theft of the database and other illegal actions of third parties.