Yummy for call center and delivery log

Published 27.01.2022 10:00 in New features

Today we will please you with tasty little things for the built-in CRM. You’ll find them both in professional versions and in the free AlterCPA Moe.

We have refined the access rights settings for call center teams. You can restrict the team's access to certain advanced statuses, or vice versa, exclude statuses from the distribution of orders.

You can change the priority of issuing orders in the team. Instead of random selection, the newest or oldest orders will be picked up.

Changed the principles of the second call. Previously, the order instantly fell into the queue to the inspectors. Now you can postpone this task at the time of confirmation of the order by the operator of the first line.

Added request log for delivery services. It will be useful to your techies when analyzing the next glitch of logisticians. The log records our interaction with the Delivery Services API.

While we were testing the log, we optimised the Nova Poshta delivery service. Now you can select the point of departure for Warehouse-Warehouse orders and use beautiful descriptions of the contents of the parcel.