Lifehack: connecting sites on Tilda

Published 22.10.2021 13:30 in Cases

You can connect Tilda sites to AlterCPA Moe and use them to work with your traffic sources. Websites on Tilda support sending an order form with a shopping cart and analyzing traffic by source.

Preparing offer

Before starting to work with an offer, you need to prepare it. If you don't plan on accepting the contents of your shopping cart, just skip the next step.

  1. Enable support for embedded products in the offer in the main settings.
  2. Create in the offer the same products that are used on your site on Tilda.
  3. In each product in the "SKU" field, enter the value of the SKU from Tilda.

Important! SKUs should not be repeated, you cannot create two different products with one SKU.

Site preparation in Tilda

The connection is made via a webhook. Webhooks are configured in the form management section (Sites - Edit site - Forms - Add WebHook).

For a webhook, you need an API-ID and an API-key, which you can find in the "Profile" section. Instead of 123, specify your API-ID, instead of abcd, your API-key.

Provide this link in the Webhook URL field. Check the box "Send data on items in the order as array". Click "Save" and "Connect the service to all forms on the site".

Step-by-step Webhook setup manual

Go to edit site section.

Open "Site settings".

Open "Forms" and select the "Webhook" (at the bottom of the page)

Enter the URL that you chose in the previous paragraph of the instructions.

Open the webhook settings and specify sending goods as an array.

Save the settings and add the webhook to all forms on the site.

Working with traffic

You can send traffic directly to the site in Tilda, but we recommend that you still create "Traffic Sources" for the convenience of its analysis. You need a link like this:

Where instead of will be the address of your site on Tilda. The strange characters in the utm_term parameter are your traffic source code. It is shown in the Traffic Sources subsection of the Traffic section in the Code field. Please note that your webmasters cannot find out their own code, so tell them it yourself.