Improved additional fields in offers

Published 21.07.2021 15:30 in New features

The available fields are not always sufficient for working with leads: name, phone, mail, address and comment. You can add any number of custom fields to the offer. These fields are located in the form under the comment. Previously, these fields were only text fields, but ... It is inconvenient to use simple text fields. Therefore, you can customize the specific type of field using special parameters.

Parameters are written in square brackets. Parameter values are specified with a colon.

An interesting list of additional fields might look like this:

needpark Need parking [select] [options:Yes|No]
color Prefered room color [select] [options:g=Green|b=Blue|w=White]
arrive Date of arrival [type:date]
rooms Number of rooms [type:number] [default:1]
persons Number of guests [required] [min:1] [max:10]

These fields will be shown in the form for processing a lead from the operator and the form for manually sending leads from webmasters.