Sets of goods to speed up the work of operators

Published 01.08.2021 22:30 in New features

With sets of goods, you can simplify the work of your operators by preparing ready-made "shopping carts" for them. This is useful if you provide discounts on goods based on their quantity. For example, you sell a course of three cans for the price of two, you make an even greater discount for four cans, and you give an eighth as a gift on the fifth can.

You can use sets both with nested goods enabled and with a mono-product offer. To customize the sets, click on the "Sets" button of the corresponding offer. To create a new set, indicate its name and select the country to which it will be linked. We recommend using short names for the sets, for example "3 pcs" or "Course 4+2".

Sets are linked to countries, prices in sets are indicated in the currency of the selected country. You can set the quantity of goods, the price per unit, the price of delivery and service.

Active sets of goods are shown above the order content form. The operator can click on the button of the set he is interested in and the order will be replaced with the selected set. Important! This resets the quantity and prices of goods, shipping and service. The cost of goods and customer data remain unchanged.