Analysis of buyout by operators

Published 08.07.2021 11:11 in New features

A new report has appeared in the analytics section - delivery statistics. It allows you to assess the buy-out and traffic quality in the context of operators who confirmed the order. By its composition, the report is fully consistent with "Delivery Analytics". In addition, we have added column sorting to all analytics reports for your convenience.

At the moment of order confirmation, CRM remembers which operator confirmed it. This report collects data on confirmed orders by team and operator. Please note: the date for this report is the moment the order is received in CRM, not the moment it is confirmed.

Quantity counters of orders show how many orders are in a particular status: total approved, on packaging, sending, in transit, delivered, paid and returned. The status name will appear if you hover over its icon.

Buy-out rates work similarly to statistics reports: all orders accepted, shipped, delivered and completed.

The gross and average invoice amounts are calculated for paid orders and displayed separately for each currency.

In the finance block, you can calculate your net profit. The expense displays the cost of orders sent. In the income, the amount of purchased leads is shown. Profit is calculated from these two indicators. The currency can be selected in the form above the report.